Since his first appearance in 1938, Superman has appeared in radio, television, movies, and video games each on multiple occasions, and his name, symbol, and image have appeared on products and merchandise for more than 75 years. Superman Premiums is an attempt to collect information about Superman give-aways, toys, pins, stickers and more promotional items used by many different fast food restaurants, cereal and/or candy companies to promote their products all over the world.

Aug 6, 2009

Superman Carls Jr./Hardees

Carls Jr./Hardees in conjunction with DC Comics/Warner Bros. promoted the release of the Justice League Unlimited DVD in 2007. Their Cool Kids Combos came with 4 different toys, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a card game with different super heroes printed on them.

Under the title: Solar Power Superman, Superman's emblem glows with the "sunlight" coming from the back of the figure; it also has poseable arms.

Heroes vs. Villains, a game where the good guys and bad guys duke it for the win! The set comes with 25 cards and the object of the game is that the first player to get all the cards wins.

These are the heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Black Canary, Green Arrow, The Atom and Elongated Man.

The villains: Sinestro, Dr. Destiny, Deadshot, Star Sapphire, The Joker, Copperhead, The Shade, Ultra-Humanite, Brainiac, Mongul, Wildcat, Darkseid and Solomon Grundy.

This is the front and back of the Cool Kids Combos bag, where you burger and fries come together with the promotional toy. The bag has a couple of games on the one side, Secret Identity Files and find the how many globes on the bag (not picture) and the other side a coupon/rebate to order the DVD.

Front and back of plastic bag in which the promotional figures/cards came in. Carl's Jr./Hardees 2007.

Pictures by Jay Hernandez, 2009.

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